“Today the health sector is progressing in terms of quantity and quality of health services provided to citizens.”

Minister of Health Dr. Firas Al-Hawari:
- “The health sector today is progressing in terms of quantity and quality of health services provided to citizens.”
- 7,500 cardiac catheterization operations and 500 open heart operations were performed during the past year in hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health.
- Not a month will pass without a new achievement in the Ministry of Health that facilitates the provision of services to citizens
- 150 health centers were opened during the past year, and there is a plan to computerize them
- Energy costs were reduced by 7 million when using alternative energy
- 24 hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health have been computerized, and the computerization of the remaining hospitals will end at the end of the first quarter of this year
The Ministry launched a three-year strategy 2023-2025, which has several axes, and we were able to develop direct health services for citizens, and there are new projects in which the service is provided in a new way.

We focused on enhancing services that are important to citizens, namely speed of response and ease of movement
Karak Hospital provides catheterization operations for citizens in the south on a daily basis
We are working to organize Al-Bashir Hospital to reduce overcrowding and improve the process of entry and exit of patients
The Ministry of Health’s budget for 2024 is the highest ever
By the middle of this year, we will finish automating 63 electronic services for the Ministry, making it easier for citizens
- There are no intermediaries to obtain health services in hospitals
- During the past year, Saeed Darwazeh Oncology Center received about 5,300 patients and gave more than 5,000 chemotherapy sessions.
We are working to find a center equivalent to the Samih Darwaza Oncology Center in Irbid to serve the northern governorates
- In 2030, we will reach universal health coverage, and this requires structure, legislation, and financial sustainability