The Ministry of Health launches a national media campaign for family planning in cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development

The Ministry of Health launched a national media campaign for family planning, which it is implementing in partnership with the Health and Family Planning Partners Project funded by the United States Agency for International Development.

Minister Al-Hawari stressed the need to continue cooperation between the Jordanian government and donors to ensure achieving the desired development of the health sector in both the Ministry of Health’s strategy and the vision of economic and administrative modernization, and to achieve comprehensive health coverage by 2030 in accordance with our commitments.

Al-Hawari said that Jordan has made significant progress in terms of primary health care and women’s and children’s health, and that there is a steady increase in the percentage of pregnant women receiving prenatal health care.

He pointed to the challenges faced by the health sector in Jordan as a result of its hosting of about one million three hundred thousand Syrian refugees and the accompanying momentum of births and pregnancies that have formed and continue to constitute unprecedented additional pressure on the infrastructure of the Ministry of Health, including hospitals and health centres.