The Jordan Atomic Energy Commission signed a memorandum of understanding with  Experia Healthcare System With the aim of benefiting from mutual experiences in the public and private sectors

Today, at the headquarters of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission and Experia Healthcare System on cooperation between the government and private sectors and benefiting from mutual experiences in the two sectors. Where cooperation is in the fields of production and marketing of medical and non-medical radioactive isotopes produced by the Jordanian research, training reactor and development. Establishing an advanced center for the production of these isotopes, enabling it to export these products regionally and internationally, which will place the Kingdom on the map of developed countries in the field of radioactive isotope production. On the part of the Energy Authority, His Excellency Dr. Khaled Toukan, Chairman of the Authority, Dr. Ahmed Al-Sabbagh\Secretary-General of the Authority, Dr. Majd Al-Hawari / Director of the Research Reactor, Dr. Khaled Al-Khasawneh and Dr. Firas Afaneh, members of the Board of Commissioners, and on behalf of Experia Healthcare System, Eng. Ahmad Al-Shamlih / General Manager of the company, Dr. Hazem Habboub / Founding Partner, Dr. Alaa Khawaj / Advisor for Radioisotope Production Projects and Mr. Mustafa Ghannam / Marketing and Business Development Manager.

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