The first Jordanian International Conference on blood transfusion medicine and stem cells

The first Jordanian International Conference on Blood Transfusion Medicine and Stem Cells, organized by the Blood Bank Directorate at the Ministry of Health, kicked off for the first time, with the participation of local and international experts. The Secretary-General for Administrative and Technical Affairs, Dr. Elham Khreisat, opened the conference, on behalf of the Minister of Health, in the presence of Sharif Nasser bin Nasser, Director of the Hospitals Department, Dr. Imad Abu Yaqin, and the President of the Arab Authority for Blood Transfusion Services - League of Arab States, Dr. Khadija Lahjouji. The 3-day conference sheds light on blood transfusion medicine in its holistic sense, in addition to blood-forming stem cells and its therapeutic uses, and promotes the sharing of experiences among all countries in this important axis.