Opening of the Surgical and Internal Medicine Emergency Department at Mafraq Hospital

Director of Mafraq Governmental Hospital, Dr. Awad Al-Khazaleh, announced the opening of the surgical emergency department in the hospital with a capacity of 6 beds, with a separate medical and nursing staff for the department, with the aim of providing optimal treatment and medical services to patients. He added in a press statement today, Monday, that the internal emergency department with a capacity of 14 beds was also opened, in addition to the opening of the emergency radiology department, with the aim of facilitating visitors and patients going to the main radiology department. And reduce the pressure on them, and obtain this medical service within the emergency, pointing out that the opening of the surgical emergency and internal medicine departments came to separate the therapeutic and medical services for those requesting them, reduce crowding and pressure, and provide therapeutic services. . Easily. Al-Khazaleh stated that there was overcrowding in the outpatient clinics on the ground floor due to the pharmacy, accounting, and medical record being on the same floor, which prompted the hospital administration to separate the outpatient pharmacy into two pharmacies in order to be dispensed. It is done quickly.