Opening of the diabetic foot care unit at Al Hussein Salt Hospital

The Director of Al-Hussein Hospital opened " New Salt Dr. Rami Abu Rumman announced on Thursday, the Diabetic Foot and Wound Care Unit, which was equipped with infrastructure and supplies, and trained the medical and nursing staff in specialized courses in this field of the inne ment athe alem Dr. Abu Rumman said that the opening of this specialized unit is part of the successive achievements and the opening of specialized units and departments in the hospital, appreciating the efforts of the Ministry of Health for its constant support for the hospital to open and create new specialized units and develop the services provided to patients lon unications rity called on He pointed out that the new unit was provided with the necessary materials, equipment and supplies in accordance with the latest international standards in this specialty nens of short Abourman stressed that the opening of this unit will lead to a qualitative development in the services provided to patients and visitors, making it easier for them, and relieving patients of the hassle of entering the hospital for long periods. This reduces the pressure on medical personnel and reduces .complications and disease consequences in such cases