Opening of kafr Asad health center in Irbid

Today, Saturday, in Irbid Governorate, the Minister of Health, Dr. Firas Al-Hawari,
inaugurated the Kafr Asad Health Center, the expansion of the Kafr Yuba
Comprehensive Health Center, and the establishment of specialty clinics in it, in the presence of the Governor of Irbid, Radwan Al-Atoum, a number of governorate
deputies, the Governorate Council, the Secretary-General of Primary Health Care and Epidemiology, Dr. Raed Al-Shaboul, and the Director of the Health Care Department.
Primary Dr. Riyad Al-Shayyab and Governorate Health Director Dr. Shadi Bani Hani

Al-Hawari stressed the Ministry of Health's interest in developing primary health care services in all governorates of the Kingdom, noting that the opening and expansion of the two health centers in Irbid Governorate came with the aim of making it easier for
•citizens of the two regions in the governorate to obtain primary health care services
He said that the Ministry of Health is moving steadily towards developing the infrastructure of its hospitals and health centers with the aim of providing the
appropriate and appropriate environment to provide the best health service to patients and visitors through the efforts of its medical, nursing, technical and administrative
Al-Hawari pointed out that the development of infrastructure and the interest in developing health personnel comes in implementation of the Ministry's strategy for the years 2023-2025, which adopted the model of public health, preventive medicine, and the family health model in primary health care, and considered it pivotal through which it seeks to achieve one of its most important strategic goals related to improving access and access to care services. Primary and preventive health care with quality,
fairness and effective community participation
He added, "The Ministry of Health continues to improve the reality of health services efficiently and effectively and is developing health care services in the Kingdom to achieve this goal," pointing out that the current year will witness many achievements
and developments in primary, secondary, and tertiary health care services

Al-Hawari stated that the two health centers have been provided with the necessary medical personnel in many medical specialties, as the Kafr Asad health center will provide a number of therapeutic services, including family medicine, children's medicine, internal medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, general medicine, periodontal treatment, and general dentistry, and it contains a blood laboratory, a pharmacy, and a
.maternity clinic. And childhood
According to the Minister of Health, the Kafr Yuba Comprehensive Health Center will provide therapeutic services from family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, gynecology, obstetrics, general medicine, prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontal treatment, and general dentistry. The center also contains a blood laboratory, a dental
and x-ray laboratory, a pharmacy, and a maternity and childhood clinic
The cost of the tender to establish the Kafr Asad health center amounted to one million
three hundred thousand dinars within the decentralization budgets, with a building area of 2,040 square meters, thus providing health services to more than 16 thousand people, while the cost of the tender to expand and rehabilitate the comprehensive Kafr
Yuba health center amounted to 720 thousand dinars, which was financed by Decentralization budgets and a new building expansion area of 660 square meters, bringing the total area after the expansion to 1,610 square meters and providing its
services to about 27 thousand people