First surgical via (televue) technology in Al-Bashir hospitals.

A specialized medical team performed cerebral compartment endoscopy and choroid plexus cauterization of a 4-month-old girl suffering from hydrocephalus.

The Director of Al-Bashir Hospitals Department, Dr. Ali Al-Abdallat, said that the operation was performed through a direct TV link for the first time between Al-Bashir Hospitals and HEALTH Aarnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Florida, the Nero Kids Foundation in Washington, DC, and Tele VU in Canada.

Al-Abdallat added that the medical team was represented by a pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Anas Hamidi, from Al-Bashir Hospital, under the supervision of a professor of pediatric neurosurgery, Dr. Samer Babaa, from HEALTH Aarnold Palmer Hospital for children in Florida, with direct technical support from the Canadian Tele VU Foundation.