Private Hospital
Al-Masalha succeeds Hammouri in the presidency of the Association of Private Hospitals

The members of the General Assembly elected a new board of directors, whereby the following hospitals were elected: Al-Isra Hospital, Specialty Hospital, Jordan Hospital, Islamic Hospital, Istiqlal Hospital, Marka Specialist Hospital and Al-Salam Hospital Al-Karak.

The positions were distributed in agreement among the members of the Board of Directors, whereby the Director General of Al-Israa Hospital, Dr. Nael Al-Masalha, was chosen as the President of the Association, the Director of Al-Istiqlal Hospital, Mr. Ahmed Al-Ahmad, as Vice-President, the Assistant Director-General of the Specialty Hospital, Dr.

Basil Al-Masharawi, treasurer.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri was honored with a commemorative shield from the Private Hospitals Association, in appreciation of his great bid. Dr. Nael Zaidan Al-Masalha, in his name and in the name of hospital directors, expressed their appreciation for Dr. Al-Hammouri's strenuous efforts in serving Jordan first and serving the private health sector secondly. For 18 years, he stressed that he and his fellow members of the elected Board of Directors will do everything possible to preserve the path of achievements made by Dr. Fawzi Al-Hamouri in raising the reputation of the Jordanian health sector and highlighting the name of Jordan as an important destination for medical tourism.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Fawzi Al-Hamouri announced on Friday that he did not intend to run for the presidency of the Private Hospitals Association at the meeting of the General Assembly of the Association, after he held this position for nearly 18 years.