132,000 laboratory tests were conducted last year

Last year, the Standards and Metrology Organization conducted 132,000 tests in its laboratories. The tests included many chemical products such as detergents, cosmetics, sanitary paper, motor oils, food products such as oils and juices, and engineering tests such as tests of light bulbs and energy-saving lighting units.


The Director General of the Corporation, Eng. Abeer Al-Zuhair, said in a statement yesterday, Wednesday, that the Corporation owns two advanced energy efficiency testing laboratories that examine lamps and lighting units. It also possesses an automated analysis laboratory that conducts many tests, such as detecting preservatives in foodstuffs and detecting fraud or tampering with food. Olive oil, in addition to the institution owning the only accredited laboratory in the Kingdom for tasting olive oil, in addition to laboratories for examining water and electricity meters, laboratories for measurements, mass, and volumes, and a laboratory for examining medical pressure and temperature instruments and tools for measuring tire pressure.

She explained that the Foundation, in its effort to raise the quality of products, granted the Jordanian Quality Mark to 131 products by the end of last year in various industrial sectors, to 52 establishments, including 4 establishments from outside the Kingdom. The mark means that the product is of higher quality than its standard specification requirements, which gives it preference. About other products

According to Al-Zuhair, the Corporation also granted the Halal mark to 95 products, ensuring that the product fulfills the requirements of Islamic Sharia, which enhances confidence in these products and increases demand for them in the global market, which is witnessing an increasing demand for Halal products, as last year witnessed the granting of 287 Halal certificates for consignments prepared for export purposes. The Corporation also granted 1,091 conformity certificates during the same period